Somebody buy this guy a beverage. You see people trash talking their teams and their coaches on social media all the time, but this guy actually owned up to it.

This is hilarious. Earlier in the football season, this guy was trashing University of Montana Grizzly football coach Bobby Hauck.

Sep 23, 2023: It's time for the Griz to say goodbye to Bobby Hauck. He's not the guy from 2009 or the guy to lead this Griz team. that the Griz are going to the national championship under head coach Bobby Hauck?

Jan. 2, 2024: Look at the take from this effing guy. What an idiot! Anyways, see you all in Frisco in a couple days, should be fun watching a national championship game this weekend.

This is great. I love the fact that this guy was willing to admit that he got it wrong and can have some fun with it.

Those tweets were from Brad Reed who was making fun of himself for saying UM needed to get rid of Coach Hauck back in September.

Others on the thread also shared their own Griz fan doomsday tweets. Here's Ben Grimm:  

David Ferguson added, "I know exactly where you were coming from and exactly when (mid way through the third quarter at NAU?). Hahahaha! Maybe we we a BIT premature. The sign of the truly invested fan! See you in Frisco Mr T"

To that, Reed Replied:

We're fans! We're all idiots! lol. See you in Frisco! First beer's on Eric.



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