Is "Big Sandy" Jon Tester's drag name? That was the hilarious opening question posed by Alex Bruesewitz during an event featuring Donald Trump, Jr. in Missoula, Montana over the weekend.

Bruesewitz is a conservative strategist close to the Trump family who was initially supposed to speak at the Montana GOP winter kickoff earlier this year. I ran into both Alex and Donald Trump, Jr. at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas back in January.

Conservatives close to President Donald Trump have been hammering liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) over his support for Joe Biden's open borders/illegal immigration agenda, for voting against the Laken Riley Act, and for his vote to allow men into girl's locker rooms.

Here's the full line from Alex's speech:

How are we doing Montana. So I just heard something. I have a question. Is "Big Sandy Jon Tester's drag name? Does anybody know? Is it a town? I don't know. I guess we'll leave it up to the fake news to investigate.

 What's with all the protesters still wearing these stupid COVID style masks? 

Donald Trump, Jr and Navy SEAL veteran Tim Sheehy shot a video in front of Tester's office. Sheehy is looking to take on Tester in the 2024 US Senate race.


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