When I got up Saturday morning to start the new year and feed my cows, the temperature was 32 degrees below zero. For as much as some people complain, I was thinking though that there are some really good things that the cold weather is good for...

It's really easy if you live out of town to get your ice cream home or anything else cold if you've had to deal with that: Stick it out your window as you're driving back.

One day about a week ago there was a beautiful sundog right at sunrise (For those who aren't connected with the wonders of the outdoors, sundogs happen when ice crystals hang in the air. Yes, I said ice.)

I haven't noticed an article on the number of COVID-19 cases lately. There is nothing better for wiping out colds, flus, or viruses like a little 10 below zero. When the kids go outside for recess, the sickness thing really takes a hit. Maybe a little more recess outside would work better than a third booster shot for your 12-year-old.

Every news station in town does a story on how cold it is and some of the travel problems that occur in Montana. PERFECT. Hopefully, they will be viewed by millions on social media and that, in turn, will keep them from ever wanting to come here.

The weather channels don't really seem to care much about us until we reach 20 below or 50 below wind chills. That's ok, let the rest of the country know it's like this till June when it finally warms up. Sure there are a lot of things that the cold weather is not good for, but as someone who really enjoys a bowl of ice cream that's still frozen, it was good to be able to get it home without having to hurry.

Hear from ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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