It's days like today that make you appreciate all of the new modern features that now come on your vehicle of choice.

40 years ago everyone would have been running to the tire shops to get their snow tires put on or maybe even have their tires studded. Not anymore, all season radials and front-wheel drive or even all-wheel drive all the time have eliminated that need.


Thinkstock[/caption]One of the most popular features we had called in to the radio this morning was heated seats and heated steering wheels. That probably wouldn't have scored as high if we would have asked this in August.

Man hand holding steering wheel in motion while drives.
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Another big one this morning was the auto start, people love going out to a warm car.

I'm different than most, so for me, one of the best features is the low tire pressure light. When you live where I do and have as many vehicles as I have, being able to see that indicator can save you a hassle down the road. It's a hassle because one of the other new features on a pickup is a pain in the ass. The lowering of the spare tire gizmo in the back under the box. I hate that one.

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I do like the phone calls coming through the screen from my dash. You don't have to stumble and fumble with the phone and it's much safer and hands-free.

So some change is good, and if you have ever put tire chains on in weather like this some of these things are worth every penny.

Stay safe, see ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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