Many of my friends have been posting pictures of the giant piles of election mail they've been receiving the last couple of days, as voting kicks off in Montana. These glossy piles of former trees are getting shoved into Montana voters mailboxes in record amounts, as millions of dollars is being feverishly spent across the state by both parties. Literally piles of glossy cardstock, printed with various half-truths, distortions and campaign soundbites are being sent to every registered voter in mass quantities.

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Does a huge stack of political junk mail really change your opinion on who you are going to vote for? Has anyone in the history of voting ever carefully read through each oversized postcard and suddenly thought, "gosh darn it, that PAC is right. I should vote for ________."

Of course not. Maybe back in old-timey days when mail was the only form of communication. Now the mailbox is the slowest, least effective way to reach someone. I sometimes don't check my mailbox for days at a time. Why would I? My bills are electronic, as is nearly all of my conversations with pretty much everyone. I appreciate the mail when it's my birthday and when I have a package coming. That's about it. Surely, the campaigns could use their advertising budgets more effectively.

There is one easy way to drastically reduce or eliminate political junk mail and phone calls. It's really easy...VOTE. The people that are sending you all of those flyers and pestering you with phone calls all receive voter reports indicating who has or has not voted yet. As soon as you vote, they won't want to waste their resources bothering you anymore. So do it! Get it out of the way and give your mailbox some room for the rest of the junk mail.

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