29.8K members? Not bad.

It makes perfect sense that there is a Yellowstone National Park: Invasion Of The Idiots page. People need a place to post, vent, and laugh.

It's like the people on this page just can't wait for tourist season to begin so they can have at it.

I just watched a video on the page of a woman FREAKING OUT over a temporary crossing guard holding back a line of traffic. Apparently she doesn't like road construction holding up her vacation.

attachment-FB Screen Grab

Then there is this photo someone posted of an ambulance in Custer South Dakota. I guess that woman who was PANTSED by the bison will never live it down. I mean, should she be allowed to? Do you think she learned her lesson?

attachment-FaceBook Screen Grab

The wrap on the side of that ambulance is based on real events too strange and too stupid to believe.

YouTube Screen Grab Bison Pants Tourist

You'll find all the pictures and videos you want of people walking off the boardwalk and onto the hot springs. I guess it does not matter how many DANGER signs are put up. You'll love the video of the guy who stuck his head down Old Faithful.

That idiot who decided to try and play with Mama Bear and her cubs was lucky, at best. You can watch that video at this link. 

This Facebook page does not just cover Yellowstone, but idiot tourist out west in general. There is so much to see, share, and talk about you can't help but have a good time.

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If you are ever feeling STUPID because you did something... STUPID- just go and visit the Yellowstone National Park: Invasion Of The Idiots page. It will make you feel much better about whatever stupid thing you did.

wildanimalia via Instagram
wildanimalia via Instagram

Well, I hope it does. If you end up thinking, "Nope, I'm as dumb as that guy," then stay away from Yellowstone. Go visit Walmart and be among your kind.

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