What a day in Missoula, Montana. After a miraculous catch in double overtime, the Montana Grizzlies are headed to the National Championship in Frisco, Texas.

It's been just about 20 years since I walked the graduation stage at The University of Montana, and what a game to get a chance to see Saturday night at Washington-Griz Stadium.

We dropped in at the Mo Club first thing after hitting town and it was packed. For my Bobcat friends, the Mo Club is to Missoula football fans and players like what the Rockin R bar is for Montana State Bobcat fans and players (you could add Stockman's into the mix in Missoula as well).

While walking through the Mo Club, I swore I ran into the parents of award winning running back Eli Gillman. I ran into them later at the tailgates, and yep- that was them. What a cool family if you missed my earlier story about them.

If I remember right, Gillman got the first TD of the night against the powerhouse North Dakota State University Bison. And it was another HUGE night for Junior Bergen from Billings, Montana. Check out the video below by Griz alumni Spencer Frederick as Junior Bergen ran another punt all the way back for a touchdown.

I joked during the Cat Griz game that they could do an official knighting ceremony for "Sir Bergen of Billings", the Billings Senior High grad, after his incredible performance.

I got to enjoy the game from the nosebleeds, but even up in the southeast corner of the stadium it was a great view with some great fans.  I had some fun after the game pointing out that Montana is NOT a bison state. And not just because Montana beat the NDSU Bison, but because we love our beef and our cattle ranchers here in Montana...so it's always good to make that reminder.   


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