Covid, Man Made Climate Change, KILLER BEAS! Murder Hornets. Chinese SPY Balloons. ZOMBIE FUNGUS!

That's the short list of what's coming to get us.

Now - Invincible SUPER PIGS From Canada!

The pig story is now like the Killer Bee story.

A new type of bee, that was supposed to produce more honey, was being bread in South America.

The breeders were not allowing the colonies to get out and swarm, with their news queens.

That drove the queen bees insane, and one day those specially bread bees, bigger, badder bees on steroids got out.

They actually killed people.

A hybrid breed of super pigs—a mix of a domestic pig and a wild boar—is running wild in Canada. And now they have their sights set on the United States.

These pigs are a cross between wild and domesticated pigs. The hope was to create a pig that could withstand Canada's cold climate, but also be able to produce more meat.

Originally crossbred to help farmed pigs grow larger and tolerate the cold temperatures of Canada, a drop in the market about two decades ago led some farmers to let their hybrid pigs run free.

Now they’re running very free, according to Field and Stream.

The super pigs are coming south, likely heading to Montana, Wyoming, The Dakotas, Minnesota, and Michigan.

The problem? The super pigs are proving hard to eradicate.

They are having pig problems in Texas. The state asked hunters to help and hunters area having a great time doing it.

But the those pigs are not The Invincible SUPER PIGS From Canada!

So officials are asking hunters to help, but who will DARE?

This is going to end up being another movie like COCANE BEAR!

Can't wait for that to hit theaters.

Even the killer bees had their own movie.

“Wild hogs feed on anything. They gobble up tons and tons of goslings and ducklings in the spring. They can take down a whitetail deer, even an adult. Originally, it was like ‘wow, this is something we can hunt.’ But it’s become clear that they’re threatening our whitetail deer, elk, and especially, waterfowl. Not to mention the crop damage. The downsides outweigh any benefit wild hogs may have as a huntable species.”

The super pigs have already traversed across the international border, dipping into at least North Dakota. So, expect an even greater occurrence as the hybrid population only grows. Like on public transit, if you see something, say something.

Wyoming's Wild Chinese Balloon Theories - Wrong Answers Only

With balloons from China floating overhead, and our military shooting them down right above us, everybody has been wondering, 'Just what are those balloons for?

Spy balloons?
Just weather balloons?
Are they trying to steal our satellite TV?
Are they listing to our cell phone calls?

On the Wake Up Wyoming morning show with Glenn Woods folks were invited to offer up their theories.


Here are the best we got.

Best Chinese Balloon Memes

The best we could find shared across the internet.
Lets enjoy them now that that big white dot in the sky has been blown to smithereens.

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