It never fails that when we are gone, something big always happens. This time, two big stories emerged. The first was the shock and surprise that Bill Walton had died. Usually, a celebrity of that status has well-known health problems. Outside of his physical problems with his knees and back, no one really knew. I was surprised as well, but no one had a bigger zest for life than Bill Walton. As I wrote a few weeks ago, it's too bad it takes a death to bring out the best in a person and their life's accomplishments.

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Bill Walton announces.
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The second was the Trump verdict, which should come as no surprise to anyone who followed that trial. For me, like many of you, it only strengthened the resolve we have. I joined the many thousands out there who donated to the cause. This fight we are in to save our country has never been more evident than in the display we saw in that corrupt courtroom. It was proof enough of our uphill battle. It was the same on D-Day, which is this week. The odds were all against the Americans succeeding.

Jury Finds Former President Donald Trump Guilty On All 34 Counts In Hush Money Trial
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I believe the left in America controls everything: the Justice Department, all the three-letter agencies, the IRS, the FBI, the EPA, etc. They control 90% of the media. They control the university systems and education in general. Most of the big cities in America are run by the left. The one thing they don't control, though, is that little oval you fill out on your ballot. And while we still have that, it's the most effective weapon we have to save America.

See you tomorrow at 5.

Images From Donald Trump's Felony Hush Money Trial

Former President Donald Trump was found guilty of 34 felony counts of falsifying businesses records in a Manhattan court on Thursday, May 30. The charges were connected to hush money payments made to two women leading up to the 2016 Presidential Election.

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll

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