So, I had a little extra time on Friday and decided to go to the Mate Show. Tons of booths with everything and anything that deals with agriculture. As I was walking around, I couldn't help but notice how many people manning the booths had their faces buried in their cell phones. I thought, "Wow, have we lost the art of communication and engagement?" Here are thousands of potential customers walking around, and unless they make the first move, nothing is going to happen. If someone makes eye contact with your merchandise and you miss it, it could potentially cost you money.

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These people could really take a lesson from the people in Playa who run all the stores and restaurants. There are thousands and thousands of people who walk by these mom-and-pop stores and restaurants, and they engage and invite everyone to come in and shop for the best deals in town. People walk out onto the street and show you the menus and tell you the specials. You have to tell them you're not interested, rather than you inquiring.


Not all of the people down there are like that, but it seemed there were more that were not interested in you than that were. The art of communication is now a forgotten relic. For those who still practice that craft, I'm sure they had a much better Mate Show.

See you tomorrow at 5!

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