Yep. We've confirmed it. Illegal aliens were involved in that stabbing incident in Kila, Montana. This comes at roughly the same time as two other stabbing incidents took place in Bozeman, Montana. The individuals involved in those incidents are on an ICE hold in jail.

Last week, we had a radio listener message us through our "Montana Talks" app. He said the stabbing incidents in Bozeman, Montana involved two suspects who were on an immigration hold in the Gallatin County jail. I checked the jail roster. He was right. And now other media outlets are reporting that same fact.

As I shared that info LIVE over the radio, two other listeners messaged us on the app and said that the stabbing incident in the Northwest Montana town of Kila also involved suspects who have a questionable immigration status. The listeners sent me this story from The Daily Inter Lake in Kalispell. I then followed up with Flathead County, and yep- this incident involves illegal aliens.

Here's a statement I received from the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office:

Flathead County’s Sheriff's Office coordinated efforts with the US Border Patrol and Homeland Security for the deportation process of two individuals. Due to their violent behavior and immigration status, we worked with Federal officials on their removal.

A spokeswoman for Flathead County also confirmed that, "yes, the two who were handed over to Homeland Security were illegally in Montana/the US."

Surprise. Surprise. Surprise.



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