"Back when gas was 30 cents a gallon, and love was just 60 cents away" - Tom T. Hall

I remember hearing my parents telling me what things cost or how little money they made when they were younger. It always annoyed me. And I guess there were some of the stories I didn't believe. Now I do it. All the time, my daughter has informed me.

My lifelong passion is golf. I've been playing since the 1970s. And when I started, a round of golf cost two dollars. Really. Heck, a season pass was only 28 bucks. These days you can't get a BEER for $2 at any golf course.

On my 16th birthday, I wanted some "waffle stompers". These were the hiking boots that were the big foot fashion item at that time. So my dad drove me to the mall and laid down $16 to get me a pair.

I'll bet I've got several pairs of tennis shoes in my closet that cost over $100 now.

I just assumed that I wouldn't live long enough to see brand new pickups cost more than my first house, but I have.

When I started driving, gas was 86 cents per gallon. Last weekend in Bozeman, I paid $5.69.

Gas prices in Montana
Credit: Mark Wilson, Townsquare Media

Speaking of that, I paid $115.00 per ticket to see Kenny Chesney. While my first concert ticket was eight dollars to see Boston at the Metra in 1978.

And I can tell that I'm older now because Albertson's had a sale on my favorite Lighthouse thousand island salad dressing. I saved $1.50 per bottle. It made me happy.

Today I'll be looking for deals at the golf course.

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