If you were listening to us this morning, you heard us talking about today being National Good Samaritan Day. And I've been fortunate to have been helped by many of them.

Now, for all of you who have helped me move, given me rides to/from the airport, or helped me tear shingles off of a house, you are friends. Friends who are good Samaritans.

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Because I live on AWESOME Street, I've had people mow my grass for me, plow my driveway, and help in the yard. These good Samaritans are called "neighbors". Perhaps you've heard Paul mention my neighbor, Cotti. She's a five-star good Samaritan.

I couldn't even count how many strangers have stopped and "given me a jump", especially when I was young. I tended to drive cars that weren't mechanically sound.

The one that stands out is a guy who lived in Pullman, Washington, in 1987.

I was seeing a gal there, so I'd drive up every weekend that I had enough gas money to be able to afford to. As I was leaving late one Sunday afternoon, my temperature gauge was pegged in the red. So I pulled over and popped the hood. Only to find that my top radiator hose had blown.

When I pulled over, I could only see one house. So I walked up and asked to use their phone. The guy looked out at my car and asked if it was a 1982 Camaro. I said "good guess".

This guy owned the auto parts store in town. He drove me in, picked up the hose, and drove back and put it on for me. And then wouldn't take any money for it.

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