My father once told me, "Every song that we play is somebody's favorite song." I was having issues playing a Freddy Fender selection.

So, this morning I saw that Beyoncé had the number one country song "Texas Hold 'Em". I hadn't heard the song, so we played it. And you, the listener, have spoken. And not in a favorable fashion.

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I got messages like "NO!", "This is horrible", "Beyoncé is a hard pass", and my favorite one: "My ears are bleeding". So, we won't play it anymore between 5 and 10 a.m. But I can't guarantee what will play after 10.

We have always thought that the listeners should have a say in what plays or doesn't. That's how we quit playing the Dixie Chicks all those years ago.

I don't think things like this are as big of a deal anymore because of the availability of music on people's cell phones and apps in newer cars. "Hey Siri, play 'Texas Hold 'em'". Problem solved.

Part of my job every morning is clicking out and dragging in songs for our show. When you're doing a morning show, it's always been my personal belief that you shouldn't have to play a song twice in any one week. Heaven knows that there are a zillion country songs out there. If you need to fill some time, grab one from George Strait, Garth Brooks, or Miranda Lambert.

For the record, I have quit playing Maren Morris because she is "quitting country music". To quote Curly Bill in Tombstone (The Kurt Russell one): "Well, bye".

Programming music is different now because I don't even know who does it for our station. Subsequently, I don't know who to e-mail. So, I'll just continue to pick 'em.

Let me know if there is something that you want to hear.

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