I've been wanting to do a LIVE radio show from Lodge Grass, Montana for a while. Back in December of 2020, we did a "A Tuff Christmas" radio special featuring Montana football great Tuff Harris.

Ever since he retired from the NFL just a few years ago, former University of Montana Grizzly football standout Tuff Harris has been giving back to the community he grew up in. Tuff grew up in Lodge Grass and graduated high school in Colstrip, Montana. He's of both Crow and Northern Cheyenne Tribal descent, and is now the director of a program called "One Heart Warriors." 

He told me about the remarkable work being done by the high school basketball coach in Lodge Grass- Coach Josh Stewart. We sat down with Tuff Harris and Coach Stewart for that special show that aired on Christmas Eve in 2020. Tuff also told me about some other great folks in Lodge Grass, and the great work being done by the mayor of Lodge Grass and more.

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Needless to say, I've been wanting to get to Lodge Grass and do a show from there- so when I got a note from Dillon Dosson inviting us to do the radio show from the grocery store in Lodge Grass, I knew we needed to make it happen.

LIVE Show from Lodge Grass Monday

We are doing just that this coming Monday, March 26th. I will be at the Little Horn Market for our statewide radio show "Montana Talks" from 8-10 a.m. We have some guests that will be joining us on the show. We also want YOU to come down and join us on the show. You can drop in and just say hi, or step up to the mic and be heard across Montana. We are the show where Montana gets to talk- where YOU get to talk.

(After the radio show, we also hope to have some grocery store gift cards to hand out...so stay tuned on that front)

*FYI: Friday March 22, 2024 we are LIVE from Plentywood.

Speaking of Lodge Grass, here's a cool YouTube video I found that was put together by Stockman Bank a few years ago.

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