What kind of a shot in the arm to the economy of small Montana town could something like this mean?

That question can only be answered as the ambitious vision of an ammunition company unfolds. But once it is up and running at full capacity, the number of jobs along with attractive wages and benefits would seem to be poised to make a huge bang.

The Montana Outdoor Radio Show set its sights on the announcement made by the Virginia-based company Brixtel Defense to build a $125 million ammunition manufacturing plant in Glendive, Montana.  Recently, when showcasing Montana's outdoor economy potential, Governor Greg Gianforte applauded Brixtel Defense and their plans to set up the plant in Glendive. While a diversified operation, Brixtel's primary focus for their Montana manufacturing facility will be bullets.


The plant will be built and staffed in phases, but the ultimate goal is to provide 300-350 jobs at the Glendive plant. And that covers a lot of ground: machine operators, people familiar with handling and loading ammunition, mechanics, fork lift operators, HR and accounting staffs, outside sales representatives, and other positions.

Interest is high so far, including from military personnel, who are nearing the ends of their service commitments and looking for a solid career that will allow them to return to or relocate in Montana.


Brixtel's mantra is "Strategic Montana Partnerships." They are already working in tandem with ammunition and components companies in the state, including existing operations in the Bitterroot Valley.

If you are interested in learning more about the manufacturing facility and what the vision is for Montana's economy, we highly recommend you listen to Montana Outdoor Radio Show correspondent Downrigger Dale's podcast with three key Brixtel Defense executives. The podcast is available here.

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