*Note: While the photo above is file footage, the meeting described below reportedly took place in person. 

Montana's Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) met with President Joe Biden and several other governors last Friday. That's where the governor delivered a straight forward response to the southern border crisis that Biden himself created.

 “Joe Biden needs to do his job.”

That's how Politico quoted Governor Gianforte following Friday's meeting. Politico added:

“I was very disappointed in the meeting” with Biden and administration officials at the White House, Gianforte told reporters on Saturday. “There are many things that President Biden could do to secure the border and he’s refusing to act.”

Via X.com the governor also shared his 10-point plan with Biden- AGAIN.

Joe Biden claims he needs Congress to act to secure the border. The reality is he has all the tools he needs. Republican governors offered a 10-point plan nearly 3 years ago, and the president hasn't acted.


Read the full 10-point plan in the tweet included further down in this story.

While Montana is a northern border state, we are clearly having our own southern border problems. Not only are the Mexican drug cartels hammering the state with meth and fentanyl trafficking, but several recent crimes by illegal aliens have also been making the news. Whether it is wrong way drunk drivers on the interstate near Bozeman, or stabbing incidents in downtown college bars or in Northwest Montana towns like Kila- we are seeing several run-ins with the law involving illegal aliens or folks with questionable immigration status.


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