Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT02) IS running for re-election in the US House in Montana's Eastern Congressional district. That news was confirmed Wednesday afternoon, as Rosendale officially filed paperwork with the Montana Secretary of State's office.

  Here's the official announcement:  

Montana's Republican US Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) is endorsing Rosendale in what otherwise would have been a very crowded US House race in Montana.

Senator Daines: I support Matt in his decision to seek reelection to the House of Representatives. It is time for Republicans to unite and win in November.


When President Donald Trump announced that he was endorsing Navy SEAL veteran Tim Sheehy in the US Senate race, he also made it clear that he would endorse Rosendale if Rosendale were to run for re-election in the US House.

Bradley Warren with Wake Up Montana first had the official news Wednesday. As Warren reports, Republican US Senate candidate Tim Sheehy is endorsing Rosendale for the House, and Rosendale is endorsing Sheehy for the US Senate.

Here's what Navy SEAL veteran Tim Sheehy had to say via

I appreciate your support and look forward to working with you in the House, Matt! It’s time to unite and win back the White House, retake the Senate, and expand our House majority. It’s time to save America!


By the way, in other big news today- Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell announced that he will be stepping down in November.

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