If taking in the open air at a leisurely speed in one of the great parks in America sounds appealing, you might want to check this out.

The popularity of E-bikes is growing at a steady clip. And my friend Brett French, Outdoor Editor of the Billings Gazette, tells me that it has spawned a business that caters to outdoor adventurers looking for a new way to enjoy Yellowstone National Park.

For a long time now, the park has offered a short spring cycling season, where bike riders are allowed before vehicles. Even though that season has ended, biking opportunities still abound. And as an answer to the increased demand for electric bikes that use a motor to help propel the cyclist, Brett reports that a company in Gardiner offers a number of options for the Yellowstone tourist to enjoy.

One great thing about the bikes is that someone who is not a devoted cyclist can still cover ground more easily. And as you can imagine, one very popular group tour ride is the Bike and Soak. The inviting description says, "Bike down the scenic Old Yellowstone Trail where you travel beneath the Devils Slide and through the home to many Pronghorn, Elk, Deer and Bison. Ride into Yankee Jim Canyon where we enjoy a picnic lunch before making our way to the beautiful Yellowstone Hot Springs. Here we park the ebikes and enjoy some time soaking in the natural springs."

Bike rentals start as low as $50 for two hours and you can rent for the whole day for $100. It might be a great fit for your Yellowstone adventure this summer.

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