Big news in Montana's 2024 US Senate race- Americans for Prosperity is endorsing Navy SEAL veteran Tim Sheehy in the Republican US Senate primary. Henry Kriegel, a senior advisor for Americans for Prosperity Action, tells us that Sheehy is the strongest candidate to defeat Democrat Senator Jon Tester.

Henry Kriegel: Tim Sheehy is a Montana patriot. He is a Navy SEAL officer and team leader. He was deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq, South America- all over the globe. He's a decorated combat veteran- Bronze Star for valor for heroism and a Purple Heart recipient. And he came to Montana. He's got a great compelling personal story.

Kriegel talked about how Sheehy and his wife Carmen, herself a Marine Corps veteran, built their successful Montana businesses from the ground up. Sheehy is also a cattle rancher who is developing a meat processing facility here in Montana so that Montana ranchers aren't so dependent on the big out-of-state meatpacking plants.

What if Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-MT02), from Montana's Eastern Congressional District, decides to jump in the US Senate race too?

Henry Kriegel: Tim Sheehy is the best man to defeat Jon Tester this coming election, and that's where it counts. And in terms of  Americans for Prosperity Action, we've already hit 4.3 million Republican voters (nationally) during the primary just now, and we're going to use that same passion and the same intelligence and our resources to expand the Republican primary base here in Montana so we can get Tim Sheehy across the finish line.

This is the first time AFP-Montana has made an endorsement in a US Senate primary in Montana.

Kriegel also hammered Senator Tester for voting with Joe Biden 91% of the time, for killing the Keystone Pipeline, opposing Trump-nominated judges, and much more. Full audio with Henry is below:

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