It was a long, frustrating process to fill the seat currently held by Sandra Vasecka, but ultimately the Missoula City Council selected Vasecka to serve the next two years on the Missoula City Council in Ward 6.

Sandra Vasecka Prevails over Sean Patrick McCoy in 4th Round Vote

In a scene reminiscent of the vote recently to choose a new mayor when Mike Nugent graciously stepped aside to allow Jordan Hess to be the city’s chief executive, the City Council once again chose one of their own to continue her seat on the governing body.

Here is the fourth and final round of votes at Monday night’s Missoula City Council meeting.

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Vasecka Eventually got Seven Votes to Prevail

“It appears we do have seven ‘yes’ votes. Does anyone wish to change their vote? OK, then it appears we do have a winner of the election which is Sandra Vasecka.”

After voting three times for Sean Patrick McCoy, Mike Nugent changed his vote in the fourth round to Sandra Vasecka, which brought her the narrow victory.

Mike Nugent Changed his Vote to Vasecka in the Fourth Round

Vasecka will serve the next two years representing Ward 6 on the Missoula City Council.

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