Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Montana’s Attorney General Austin Knudsen covered a wide range of topics on the KGVO Talk Back show on Thursday, but one call brought a definite ‘no’ to the question of ‘squatters’ rights’ in Montana.

“What I mean by squatters rights is something we call ‘adverse possession’,” began Knudsen. “That's the legal term of art when someone comes in and they squat on your property and somehow they gain some sort of ownership interest by virtue of having squatted on your property.”

AG Knudsen was Adamant about 'No Squatters' in Montana

Knudsen said Montana lawmakers were smart when they crafted the laws against squatting in the state.

“It's functionally impossible in Montana,” he said. “That’s because in Montana, we also have the requirements that not only do you have to openly and adversely be squatting on someone's property, but you also have to pay the property taxes for several years.”

Knudsen expanded on how Montana laws protect the legitimate property owners.

Squatters would be Responsible for Paying the Property Taxes

“Unless someone is squatting on your property and going to the courthouse and they pay those property taxes for five to seven years in a row, they have no chance of claiming squatters’ rights,” he said. “That's in Montana law. It's very well settled. It's been litigated several times in Montana. I'm very confident telling you it's settled. Squatters’ rights? We actually have that quite well handled in Montana.”

Knudsen openly mocked more liberal states that have had massive problems getting rid of squatters.

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Knudsen Mocked 'Blue States' for their Liberal Laws

“Blue states have weaker laws, and that's where you're seeing these things happen,” he said. “I mean, the good news is, a lot of your red states, most of your conservative states have things like this where we don't let someone steal your property just because they happen to set up a tent on it. I mean, good Lord! If we have no private property rights in this country, then the (U.S.) Constitution is out the window.”

I recently did a story of how a Missoula property owner and contractor was finally able to get squatters off his land so that he could develop it with new apartments. Click here for details.

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