In a shocking, but not surprising, announcement... a television series is now casting for a Docuseries-style TV Show here in Montana... and they are looking for those with ROAD RAGE to sign up!

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Road Rage... in Montana? Nah.

For one, I feel offended that anyone would think us Montanans have road rage. We have the BEST drivers on the road, ones who always use their blinkers... wear their seatbelts... never cut people off on the road... never blow red lights... never hit other vehicles and try driving off... and NEVER get in an accident.

Yeah, I know. As my Grandpa always said "I can see it running down your leg" with how full of crapola I am. Billings, and Montana in general, is FULL of horrible drivers... and yeah, we have road rage.

Sign Up NOW!

I'll admit that I have the classic case of Road Rage nearly every time I drive in Montana. Between people suddenly slamming on their brakes to turn (with no blinker!), to almost getting in an accident every time it snows because nobody remembers where the lines are on the road downtown (the signs ABOVE you on the street lights are placed in the lane...) I could qualify for this show... though I think I'll let others take a run at it.

You can register NOW for this show, and they are looking for people that have pre-existing video or dashcam footage showing a road rage incident you have been involved in.

To sign up, email your NAME, AGE, LOCATION, and a BRIEF description of your road rage history.

What are your thoughts?

Would you participate in a TV show like this? Do you have a chronic case of Road Rage? Is your name Karen? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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