Either the cat is annoyed that somebody put these figurines up in his walking space, or the cat is happy that somebody provided so many fun things to knock down.

Who knows with cats?

It's probably a little of both.

Cat owners know that if they set up decorations then all they have to do is wait with their phone to record what happens next.

So, it doesn't take much to search and find videos of cats WRECKING Christmas.

Let's start with the figurine video.

One at a time, down they go.

But he does not knock them down all in a row. OH NO! That's too simple.

The next video is titled Cat Vs Christmas Decorations.

The owner of this cat- sorry, the human slave of this cat, knows his cat can't resist knocking down anything placed up high.

Like Christmas cards on the fireplace mantle- irresistible.

So then let's move on to something bigger, like a small, decorated Christmas tree on the mantel.

That cat is after it in two seconds.

OKAY FINE! Let's get a little REVENGE!

Here is a cat that gets startled by an electric Christmas decoration of Charlie Brown characters. There are lights and they all start singing and dancing.

That cat has NO IDEA what to make of this.

Does he attack?

Does he run?

Is he just curious?

Let's find out what happens.

There are videos on how to cat-proof your house for Christmas.

But, honestly, there is nothing you can do in the long run.

The cat will always figure it out.

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Gallery Credit: Glenn Woods

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