Heartbreak in Bozeman, while the hens got roasted in Missoula. That was definitely a heartbreaker for Bobcat fans at Montana State University in Bozeman- and for those of us who were rooting for another Cat Griz game in Missoula right before Christmas. 

A HUGE night for the University of Montana Grizzlies in Missoula.

Check out what the Delaware QB had to say about Washington-Grizzly Stadium in Missoula. He basically says that Griz stadium is the best atmosphere he has ever played in- and he played at Penn State this year, as Shaun Rainey reports.

Looks like NFL coaching great Tony Dungy was in the house for the MSU Bobcats playoff game against North Dakota State Saturday afternoon.

Tony Dungy: Very tough way to end it for the Bobcats. They had a PAT blocked in overtime to lose 35-34. I’m sure it puts a damper on things but they’ve had a great year and we had a wonderful visit to Montana State University.


Meanwhile, the University of Montana will get another home playoff game this Friday night in Missoula. If you can't make it to the game, the game will be broadcast on ESPN2 starting at 7 p.m. Mountain time.




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