It's crazy enough when we hear the news that two wrong way drunk drivers in two weeks were busted on the interstate in Bozeman, Montana...but now we find out that both of the wrong way drivers are illegal aliens.

Jeremy Carl is a senior fellow with the Claremont Institute and lives in Bozeman. He made the point via that "even MT is not immune from Biden's open border."

Here's more, as he shared a news story on the latest incident from KBZK-TV:

Jeremy Carl: This is now two illegal alien drunk drivers (one already under a deportation order) arrested in two weeks in Bozeman for driving the wrong way down the Interstate. Fortunately, no one was killed.

according to KBZK-TV

The previous incident goes back to November 24th when another suspect, Andres Mejia-Ocampo, was arrested for driving the wrong way on I90 for nearly 8 miles. According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle:

Mejia-Ocampo was charged with 37 counts of criminal endangerment after law enforcement reviewed Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office dashcams and officers saw he had passed at least 37 cars and trucks and traveled more than 8 miles from the first call of a wrong way driver to where he was stopped.

The Chronicle also reported that Mejia-Ocampo was being held for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

So...two illegal aliens in two weeks are busted for wrong way drunk driving on the interstate in Bozeman. You may also recall that three illegal aliens were arrested during a human trafficking sting operation in Bozeman back in July. More proof that the Biden Administration is secretly dumping illegal aliens all over this country.

You know, in their defense (for the guys driving the wrong way on the interstate)- there's obviously some "do not enter" signs on our southern border. Those signs clearly don't matter anymore. Why should they believe these signs are any different?

(As a side note: when searching for info on Andres Mejia-Ocampo I came up with info about another Mejia-Campo...a Mexican citizen who pleaded guilty to distributing meth in Billings and Bozeman)

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