If you want to hear a pro-life take on the Supreme Court leak and the future of Roe v Wade, the best take you are going to hear took place right here in Montana.

David Knobel was filling in for me while I was out for my annual military training as the news broke. He was joined on the air by the Montana Family Foundation's Jeff Laszloffy. It was a great discussion. David brought his legal insight to the table, while Laszloffy has been in the pro-life battle here in Montana and nationally for decades.

I listened to the full audio on the plane while I was flying back to Montana. You can find the full audio below:

Here's an excerpt.

Jeff Laszloffy: If this language is actually even close to the current language, this is the day that we've been working toward for 50 years.


David Knobel: These leftist groups out there, they've actually adopted this explicit strategy....they're explicitly trying to stay in state courts under state constitutions because they know that the federal judiciary is no longer as activist and left wing as it used to be. And so you start to see these leftist groups that are filing in state court and asserting only state constitutional arguments. So then it can't be removed to federal court, never going to end up in federal court, never going to go to the Supreme Court. The Montana Supreme Court's the last stop on this stuff. I think it really is another  illustration of really how important the judiciary issue is in Montana.

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