A liberal blogger in Helena is calling it quits. Don Pogreba has been a long-time liberal blogger in Helena, consistently a source for filtering Montana Democrat Party talking points into the news. After the Republicans scored overwhelming victories in Montana in the 2020 elections, he's deciding to step back.

James Conner with the Flathead Memo writes:

Pogreba didn’t just write about politics. He practiced politics, in 2008 running for the Democratic nomination for governor against incumbent Gov. Brian Schweitzer. It was a soapbox candidacy, according to Charlie Johnson, the Lee newspapers’ legendary political reporter.

Conner also linked to Pogreba's farewell that is now found on a website called the Montana Times. In the farewell, Pogreba says ultimately health concerns are his reason for stepping away:

I know the timing is terrible, in the midst of the legislative session and the Republican takeover of Montana political life, and I am sure that I am letting at least a few loyal readers down, but the truth is that I am exhausted.

And three nights ago, when I found myself getting checked out at the ER with chest pains, I realized that I’m not only tired, but that life is short. I’m fine, by the way, but it was a big wake up call that I needed.

I never agreed with Don Pogreba on much. I certainly didn't agree with his opinions, and I also didn't agree with his tactics. I nonetheless wish him well and wish him good health and am glad to see that he is taking care of himself.

There are so many of us in politics, and in the news and commentary business, who don't know how to take a break. I've seen so many folks in radio, for example, work themselves to death and not take care of themselves.

We always laughed at one of our interpreters in Afghanistan, who hailed from Jalalabad. His way of asking us how we were doing was to say, "How is your body?"

We always got a good laugh at how he phrased it. But it's a very good question for this day and age. Not just- how are you? But- how is your body? Take a break. Hit the gym. Get the exercise. Take some time for yourself and especially your family. The tweets can wait an hour. They'll still be waiting for you when you leave the gym. And you know those damn politicians, on both sides of the aisle, will still be there as well.

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