About a week or so I go, I wrote about a Montana rancher sounding off on the Biden Pentagon plan to feed fake lab grown "meat" to our great troops.

Check out this response we got from an American patriot in Livingston, Montana to that story:

Chris from Livingston: "I think they should use Congress as the 'experimental lab animals' to test the 'fake' meat, not our proud military. Congress must have approved  the decision and they should have the honor of “proving” it's worth for a year in the Capitol Dining Room, before sending it to our brave young troops."

Chris was responding to this story I shared about a week or so ago.

Pentagon Wants to Feed Troops ‘Experimental’ Lab-Grown Meat to ‘Reduce CO2 Footprint’

Dillon, Montana rancher Bryan Mussard took to YouTube to vent his frustrations that our troops would be treated this way.

Bryan Mussard: "Department of Defense has just inked a contract to make bioengineered meet for troops. That's right, bioengineered. 22 ingredients is the average ingredient on engineered beef. That is certainly not in the name, or improving climate change as they claim. It's full of seed oils. It's full of all kinds of things. They know this is not going to improve the health of our soldiers who suffer from obesity, diabetes, chronic illness like all other Americans. At this point, this is willfully done. Beef is the most nutrient dense protein on the planet. They know it."

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