"This is sure to improve military recruiting numbers..."

That was the obviously sarcastic response I received from the Disney family in Libby, Montana as they read this news from the Washington Free Beacon:

Pentagon Wants to Feed Troops ‘Experimental’ Lab-Grown Meat to ‘Reduce CO2 Footprint’

Oh brother.

Dillon, Montana rancher Bryan Mussard took to YouTube to vent his frustrations that our troops would be treated this way.

Bryan Mussard: "Department of Defense has just inked a contract to make bioengineered meet for troops. That's right, bioengineered. 22 ingredients is the average ingredient on engineered beef. That is certainly not in the name, or improving climate change as they claim. It's full of seed oils. It's full of all kinds of things. They know this is not going to improve the health of our soldiers who suffer from obesity, diabetes, chronic illness like all other Americans. At this point, this is willfully done. Beef is the most nutrient dense protein on the planet. They know it." (Full video below)


Lane Nordlund had the news on his ag report recently as well.

He shared this quote from the NCBA. “It is outrageous that the Department of Defense is spending millions of taxpayer dollars to feed our heroes like lab rats. U.S. cattle producers raise the highest-quality beef in the world, with the lowest carbon footprint – and American troops deserve to be served that same wholesome, natural meat and not ultra-processed, lab-grown protein that is cooked up in a chemical-filled bioreactor,” said NCBA Vice President of Government Affairs Ethan Lane. “This misguided research project is a giant slap in the face to everyone that has served our country. Our veterans and active-duty troops deserve so much better than this.”


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