If you want to catch a flick at the Pasture Drive-In Theater in Manhattan, you'll have a lot to choose from this summer.

The Pasture Drive-In Theater just released the movie schedule for the summer season, and they'll be showing quite a few popular movies. The Pasture Drive-In gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic that caused most traditional theaters to close down. On many weekends in 2020, movie lovers from miles around travelled to the Pasture Drive-In in Manhattan to watch a movie with their friends and families.

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The movie schedule at the Pasture Drive-In this summer featured something for everyone. Check out the schedule below.


  • Friday, July 9 - Top Gun
  • Saturday, July 24 - Home On The Range
  • Friday, July 30 - Sandlot (Fundraiser for Love, Inc.)
  • Saturday, July 31 - TBD


  • Friday, August 6 - Faith-Based movie to celebrate missionaries everywhere, and also to mark Porter's (co-founder of the Pasture Drive-In) first year as a missionary.
  • Friday, August 13 - The Greatest Showman
  • Saturday, August 21 - The Princess Bride
  • Friday, August 27 - Dr Schwendeman’s Patient Appreciation Night
  • Saturday, August 28 - Manhattan Class of 2022 Fundraiser—Movie TBD

Owners of the Pasture Drive-In Theater recently upgraded the screen to improve viewing quality for guests. Movie starts times vary, so make sure to check the Pasture Drive-In Facebook page for updates.

The Pasture Drive-In Theater is located at 360 Little Camp Creek Way south of Manhattan. Admission is $20 per car. Popcorn, snowcones, and other snacks are available for purchase. If you have any questions, contact the drive-in at 406-580-4211.

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