Vice President Mike Pence’s nephew John has been tabbed to head up the ‘Trump Victory Office’ in Kalispell, which will open this weekend. Pence was on Thursday’s Talk Back show.

“This Saturday morning at 10:30 with the Flathead County GOP and the Montana GOP, we’ll be opening up a ‘Trump Victory Office’,” said Pence. “We’ll be in Flathead County to help Republicans turn out in historic numbers to reelect our President Trump and your great Senator Daines in Montana.”

Pence was asked about the possibility of nationwide voter fraud if the general election were to be by mail-in ballot only, and not at the traditional polling place.

“Now, we have a full election day operation team here at the Trump campaign that is heading back into the field,” he said. “You can actually become a poll watcher and help these operations by visiting We’re recruiting volunteers all over the country and all of the counties, and we want to make sure that your vote is a legitimate vote and that every vote counts and election integrity if to the Constitutional muster that we all expect.”

Pence was also asked about possible debates between President Trump and former Vice President Biden, who has been making very few public appearances since the COVID crisis began.

“We heard that the DNC cancelled their convention,” he said. “There are three Presidential debates and the President and his campaign have asked for more because we believe that this President and the American people deserve to hear directly from the candidate, and what better way than through more debates? However, the Biden campaign declined that invitation, so it’s all to be seen, but hidin’ Biden is certainly keeping that strategy right now, but we’re calling him out on it.”

John Pence is also a Special Assistant to President Trump.

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