The countdown to the new Scheels store opening in Missoula is now under two months. There's been a few instances where we've shared the details about all the cool stuff that you'll find inside the store - including a 10-foot-tall Sasquatch that will greet you at the door and hunting trophies that locals have submitted to be on display.

Another feature that seems like it'll be pretty cool is the arcade games that will be available to play. Parents will be able to have a few uninterrupted minutes to shop around the store while kids are busy playing both some old school and newer video games. And who am I kidding, the big kids will be playing them too. Sheels posted some pictures on social media over the weekend to give us a sneak peek of what to expect.

From the pictures - it looks like the collection consists or a jumbo version of Pac-Man, Big Buck Hunter Reloaded, Cruis'n Blast (a racing game,) and Halo Fireteam Raven.

And video games aren't the only thing that'll have you saying "this is awesome" while you're at Scheels. You can test your skills on the lanes with their Bigfoot Bowl as you play a little Rollerball. If you're not familiar - it's like bowling - but with smaller balls to roll.

The teaser pictures are getting us excited for when Scheels finally opens their doors at Southgate Mall. You'll be able to check out the new store with the opening day that's set for October 2.

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