Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - John Lott, President and founder of the Missoula-based Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC), told KGVO News on Wednesday that gun control groups claim that he and his research and writings are at least partially responsible for the tragic shooting deaths of three Michigan State University students on Monday night.

Lott said groups such as Bloomberg’s ‘Everytown for Gun Safety’ immediately blame people like Lott and his research with the Crime Prevention Resource Center for these mass shootings.

Once again, Lott and his CPRC are at least partially being blamed for a mass shooting

“Basically Michael Bloomberg said gun control groups are blaming me or saying that I have a large role for being responsible for these mass public shootings around the country because of the research that I've done on gun issues,” began Dr. Lott, who has testified dozens of times before Congress. “You know, I guess I kind of view it as the opposite in the sense that you look at these attacks and the mass public shootings keep on occurring in places where guns are banned.”

Again and again, Lott’s research has uncovered the actual statements, diaries and even manifestos of these mass shooters as to the motive behind their actions.

Lott says 'Read the Manifestos of the Mass Shooters Searching for Gun Free Zone'

“If you take something like the Buffalo (New York) mass murderer last year, he goes into extreme detail about why he picked the place that he did,” he said. “Right up there at the top, he wanted to go to a place where he didn't think victims would have permitted concealed handguns because it would make it a lot easier for him to go and kill lots of people.”

Lott says gun control groups like Bloomberg’s simply can’t place the blame where it belongs, on the troubled and twisted minds of the perpetrators.

“This is something that they've been putting out Bloomberg groups had been putting out a lot over the last couple months blaming me every time there's a mass public shooting,” he said. “They go to Twitter or wherever and say, ‘You know this is happening because of John Lott has made it difficult for us to go and pass the types of gun control laws that we need to have.”

The Shooters, in their Twisted Minds, Want to be Famous

Lott says his research has concluded that a person who has made up his mind to kill a large group of people want to be famous, and look for people in places where guns are not allowed, saying ‘these people are crazy, but they’re not stupid’.

“People have committed suicide forever, but at some point along the line these people who feel that they're unappreciated not wanted, or whatever they've convinced themselves of,  have realized that their names will be in the history books. That's what they say in their diaries. They say if I can only kill more people than such and such did I can get even more media attention. Exactly right there ‘going out in a blaze of glory’. They want to go out and let people know that they were here. They say ‘this is how I'll get my name in the history books.”

Click here to read Lott's research findings.

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