Montana's Attorney General Austin Knudsen has been rock solid when it comes to standing up to Joe Biden and defending gun rights. Now, AG Knudsen is standing up to Mexico and Democrat-led states like California looking to come after your American gun manufacturers

Meth and fentanyl is flooding into the United States from the Mexican drug cartels, killing hundreds of thousands of Americans and fueling crime all across the country. But it is the Mexican government that is once again demanding that American gun companies pay for crime south of the border.

As Fox News recently reported, AG Knudsen and 19 other attorneys general are saying "that Mexico’s legal theory is 'unsupported by fact or law."

Here's what AG Knudsen said about the case via Twitter:

AG Knudsen: Firearms manufacturers are under attack from the Mexican government and anti-gun groups trying to bankrupt them for crimes they did not commit. The court should do the right thing and affirm the district court’s decision to dismiss the suit. American companies cannot be blamed for problems in Mexico.

AG Knudsen was also recently on Fox News weighing in in support of Montana's TikTok ban. Here's part of what he told Martha MacCallum:

AG Knudsen: I think national security has to win here, Martha. That's what this is about. We can talk about the content on TikTok,but that's not why we drafted this bill. We had a Chinese spy balloon fly over our state and take pictures of sensitive nuclear missile sites. We know that TikTok is being used by ByteDance to supply the Chinese Communist Party with all kinds of personal information. They're gathering facial recognition. They're gathering biometric data, if you're using your phone to scan your thumb. They're gathering your keystrokes. They're logging your passwords. They're combing through through your photographs, your videos, and you might say- well so what, there's nothing on my phone. Well, first of all, that isn't the point. That should horrify anyone. But secondly, you might have something of strategic value in a picture that you don't even know is there,and you are now going to provide that to the Chinese Communist Party. They are scanning everything on your device.


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