17 years. Countless military deployments. Now our government wants to kick him and his family to the curb.

Dani and her husband were high school sweethearts in Park County, Montana. Right after high school, her husband joined the US Air Force and has served on multiple deployments since that time. Now, just three years shy of reaching the 20 year retirement mark- the Air Force is denying his exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine and threatening to kick him and his family to the curb- without benefits.

On Monday, Dani spoke out about the situation on behalf of all military families who are in the same position. Both of their parents still live back here in Montana.

She started off by making it clear that her opinions are her own and don't represent the Department of Defense of the US Air Force in any official capacity.

She says her husband has gotten exemptions from other required vaccines in the past, but that the Department of Defense is not allowing an exemption for this vaccine.

Dani: The thing is- back in August, I believe August or September, the Pentagon announced that in lieu of the mandate they were going to allow religious exemptions, and they have it all laid out in the guidelines, and my husband has followed those guidelines to apply for a religious exemption. And they are equivocally denying all of them across the board. They are not allowing any of them. So it's just fraudulent that they even allowed the option if they have no intention of allowing any.

Dani says her husband has deployed several times to both Iraq and Afghanistan, along with other deployments.

Credit Dani.
Credit Dani.

Full audio with Dani:

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