"Montana stands with Texas in this fight." -Gov. Gianforte

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) stood with Texas in their efforts to secure the southern border in the midst of the ongoing onslaught of illegal aliens driven by the drug cartels.

Gianforte along with over a dozen other Republican governor's defended Texas' right to defend themselves, and also spoke of their state's efforts to support security on our southern border in a Sunday press conference.

Gov. Gianforte: Montana has had our soldiers here on the southern border for most of last year. And Governor Abbott, we're committed to stand with you to provide resources so that we can protect the citizens of the United States and our country. This is impacting all of our states. In the Northern Rockies where I call home,we've seen a 78% increase in fentanyl just in the last year, and we've lost lives, and it's broken families apart. We need to secure the border.

Gianforte followed Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee-Sanders who called on Joe Biden to do his job. Gianforte opened with the line above: "Montana stands with Texas in this fight."  

Gov. Gianforte: Our Constitution gives the states the right to self defense. That's what Governor Abbott's doing, and that's why we're here standing with him today. Biden is doing the exact opposite. He's working against the interests of this country, and we are here today to call on the federal administration to do their job.

Here's the video of the full press conference:

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