Taiwan is a major trade partner for the great State of Montana. Taiwan is also a friend in the fight for freedom. Our friends in Taiwan are also under increasing threat from the Communist Chinese leadership.

Montana Congressman and former Trump Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke (R-MT01) was there alongside Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy as he led a delegation visit with the President of Taiwan at the Reagan Presidential Library.

Rep. Zinke: I think it was apropos that it was also at the Reagan center. Ronald Reagan- peace through strength. We discussed the issues, where we are. There's a lot of arms and military hardware that's already been approved, already been funded, but it hasn't been delivered. So- what are the roadblocks? A lot of bureaucracy trying to get things where they need to be. And then then looking at our allies. Where are we in the Pacific? We are out of position, there is no doubt about it. And you've also seen China being very aggressive recently.

After talking about the unprecedented persecution that took place against former President Trump earlier this week in NYC, I asked Zinke- how concerned he is that the Communist Chinese will now take advantage of this disastrous foreign policy team in the White House right now to launch something against our friends in Taiwan.

Rep. Zinke: I am concerned. One of the concerns is- the Biden Administration is not up to the task. We've seen what happened in Afghanistan- colossal blunder that likely led to a green light for Putin. We're blindly wading into a nuclear combat with the Russians because we have no plan, and coming into the peninsula and Ukraine. And then pivoting to the Pacific, we're at a position- ambiguous- and the US doesn't have a policy articulated from the president, except of weakness. And we're also very, very vulnerable to China.

Full audio of Rep. Zinke describing the visit and more:

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