Montana Senator Steve Daines called in to the KGVO Newsmakers Line on Tuesday to discuss a number of issues.

Daines first addressed the breach of security at the U.S. Supreme Court with the leak of the Roe v Wade draft prepared by Justice Samuel Alito that sparked demonstrations and even confrontations outside the personal residences of the justices.

“Whoever leaked that information, that preliminary opinion that Justice Alito had written, has forever damaged the trust, and in many ways the effectiveness of the United States Supreme Court,” began Senator Daines. “These are the challenges. Some people in this country who have no regard for the rule of law and respect to the institutions will do anything they can to undermine them and even see to destroy them. And that's it. So first of all, it’s just outrageous and I condemn it in every way.”

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Daines said the breach of security and the danger to the families of the justices are unprecedented.

“The fact that the Justice Alito is under protection, as well as the other justices on the court is a serious moment for our country,” he said. “We can respectfully disagree. We can protest peacefully, and that's protected by the First Amendment, but to threaten the lives of Supreme Court Justices is outrageous, and sadly we have just had to move some legislation last night that provides extra protection now for Supreme Court justices and their families.”

Daines also expressed the hope that the U.S. will return to producing more of our own energy, and not follow the example of Europe.

“I'm not opposed to renewable energy, but we need to use renewables to expand our portfolio and not to replace oil and gas,” he said. “That's exactly what Europe has done. They have shut down oil, gas, coal and nuclear production. At the end of the day, if we can feed ourselves and fuel ourselves then our nation is secure. When we depend on other nations for food and we depend on other nations for energy that puts us in a very weak position. That's exactly what's happening right now to Europe.”

Daines also said he has been working together with fellow Montana Senator Jon Tester to honor Missing and Murdered Native Women and Girls with a special day on May 5.

“I've introduced a resolution every year with Senator Tester to mark May 5 as National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in honor of Hannah Harris,” he said. “She was a 21 year old from Lame Deer, Montana who was brutally murdered. She was a mom. It's a heartbreaking story and we now have a day in honor of her on her birthday but as it is bringing awareness to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.”

Sadly, Daines said the murder rate among Native American women and girls is 10 times the national average.

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