Montana has one of the highest per capita percentages of service men and woman in the nation. Ranking 7th in 2020, according to US News. With just over 1 million residents, we're home to 99,000 Veterans. Nearly one-in-ten Montana's have served in the Armed Forces. Forbes wrote in a 2016 piece that most enlistees come from middle-class families, noting that culture, tradition and familiarity with military service plays a large part in who decides to join.


Nearly every Montanan has a family member that has been in the military or is currently serving. For that, we'd like to salute those fathers, mothers, grandparents, spouses, sons, and daughters who made that commitment to serve.

Veteran Salutes the US Flag
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Nominate your soldier for a KBUL Red, White and Blue Salute.  

Just tell us a little bit about the person you'd like us to salute. Submit a photo (if available). Every weekday morning, Montana Talks host Aaron Flint will give highlight a service member and share their story on the air.

KBUL News Talk has a long history of recognizing our Armed Forces, and we're touched by how many of you appreciate the service of our military members. wrote a great article about ways you can truly thank a veteran or active service member. Some thoughtful ideas include: donating your frequent flyer miles, hiring a Vet or making a donation to one of the fantastic Veteran organizations in our area.

Credit: MivPiv/Getty
Credit: MivPiv/Getty

From all of us at News Talk 95.5 and AM 970 KBUL, thank you for your service. We appreciate you.

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