As you folks know, our Governor likes to stop in from time to time to see what's happening. The next time he stops I'm going to give him a suggestion on some other taxes that we can cut and to appeal to the Democrats to make it more equitable.

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I'm talking about the taxes you pay for your license plates, or vehicle registration, in Montana.

They should all be the same price and you should not be penalized because your vehicle may be newer or worth more. A 1995 pickup that weighs 4,000 pounds does the same wear and tear on the road that a 2023 pickup will do that also weighs 4,000 pounds. No difference at all, so why do you get charged more?

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You don't have to pay more when you fill up at the Town Pump.

The gas tax is the same no matter what car you drive or your income level. When you get your driver's license renewed, the price is the same no matter what you drive or what your income level is.

So why not the plates? One fee is the same for all the different classes that they have. CDLs and semis with different GVW's, I get it, but all other vehicles should be the same.

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Do they do that with motorcycles or boats or are they the same?

Does an older 16ft boat do more damage to a lake than a newer 16ft boat? These taxes are discriminatory and should be evened out.

Oh and one more thing.

For all Montana kids under the age of 18, fishing should be free.

If you get hooked (get it) on the sport early they will fish and buy boats forever, and then you can unfairly tax them.

See ya next week.

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