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Hats off to our fellow Montanans once again for stepping up and being willing to help.

When we shared the request for meat donations from the Montana Veterans Home in Columbia Falls earlier this week, the news quickly spread across the state with folks willing to help out.

We got a follow up email from the State of Montana, which oversees the veterans home. The administrator for the Montana Veterans Home is clarifying that while the veterans home is facing some challenges with their supply of meat- they currently have their normal food supply on stock. Underdahl also tells us that the veterans home doesn't have "the current need or space to store all the donations people are trying to make."

UPATED 5/20/10 9:24am 

Here's the full clarification provided by Joren Underhald, RN, NHA, Administrator for the Montana Veterans' Home:

It is accurate that our usual supplier is no longer able to provide bulk meat items such as beef, pork and chicken.  However, we do currently have our normal food supply on stock.  With the recent news regarding not being able to purchase from our normal supplier, our dietary department is looking for other resources for the meat products. We also have a limited space for such items so it is usually purchased weekly. 

This is all fairly new information, but the dietary staff is working to find replacement supplies.  So, there is some truth that there are issues, but we have not exhausted all possibilities at this time.   I apologize for the confusion, as one of our well-intentioned staff took it upon themselves to ask for donations without knowing the whole issue.

I appreciate your asking and checking on our Veterans and their well-being!  We are hoping to get things figured out very shortly and back on track.

I hope that you are doing well through all of this change.  The residents and staff miss all of our volunteers that come in-you all do so much for us.  It is times like this that we are reminded of the many good things we are able to offer our residents-we all will be celebrating and rejoicing when those days return!

Thanks for reaching out to us and your concern. 

Original Story: 

Whenever a need has popped up in our community, Montanans have risen to the occasion and helped out time and time again, especially in the midst of economic crisis and COVID-19 shutdowns.

In Montana, we have veterans homes in Glendive and Columbia Falls, with another on the way in Butte. And right now, our veterans and those who care for them, could use your support, especially as we head into Memorial Day weekend.

Here's a note I got from Matt Desch with Bee Broadcasting in Kalispell:

The Montana Veterans Home in Columbia Falls, Montana is asking for meat donations. Due to they are having a hard time getting chicken, beef , pork, and eggs. No lamb or wild game please.

I remember serving overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I know we always looked forward to having a special BBQ during holidays like these. It's amazing how good a steak or burger can make you feel, how it reminds you of family, how it reminds you of the good old days, and how it reminds you of the good times with those you served with. If you're able to send any support their direction, I guarantee you it will be greatly appreciated.

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