We had a great time catching up with Montana's own Flint Rasmussen- the rodeo entertainment great with his own show and podcast on top of the clowning around he does during the Pro Bull Riding (PBR) events all across the country.

I joked that I (my last name is Flint) got to hang out with "the real Flint" down at the Summit Cigar Lounge in Billings, Montana. For those of you that heard Flint Rasmussen on our statewide radio show- he also sat down with us for an extra hour where we ended up talking small town Montana football, and we got Flint's take the hit TV show Yellowstone.

As he travels the country, he says everybody is talking about Montana, and everybody thinks Montana is booming. They don't realize the difference between the Flathead and Missoula and more rural parts of Montana.

Flint Rasmussen: When I was in high school, we played Chester in football- 11 man- they were tough...Now Chester- it's Chester-Joplin-Inverness, and they play eight man, maybe six man, Choteau's down to 110 kids in the high school. I think there's some forgotten- there's a lot of Montana that people don't realize.Like I have people say, 'hey, what does 100 acres go for in Montana?' Like, I don't know, do you want to live in Bozeman? Or do you want to live in Scobey?

Here's the full two hours from our podcast:

By the way, PBR season starts the night of January 1st in Indianapolis, Indiana. Then Flint's off to New York City and Chicago.


Credit Hannah Crandell
Credit Hannah Crandell


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