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A Venezuelan style downfall could happen in the United States of America if we follow down the path of socialism. That was the message of a young man named Jorge Galicia, a Christian, lawyer, and freedom fighter from Venezuela who sought asylum in the US.

The Montana State University College Republicans and Gallatin County Republican Women hosted an event in Bozeman featuring Galicia earlier this week. He spoke at the American Legion in downtown Bozeman.

Here's what was most interesting to me. We all know about the downfall of Venezuela following the socialist takeover of Hugo Chavez, and now with Nicolas Maduro. Galicia says the socialist downfall started much earlier, and in the form of the more politically correct "Democrat Socialism." That is why the United States needs to be even more concerned in our own backyard, as Democrat Socialist groups are already organizing in places like Billings and Bozeman.

I do believe that this could happen in America. If you follow the same doctrine, you're gonna get the same results...America is great but if you follow the wrong ideas, if you end with years of capitalism to adopt a failed system, well you're going to have exactly the same results.

That's what Galicia had to say on Thursday's "Montana Talks" radio show. Click here to listen to the full segment on our "Montana Talks with Aaron Flint Podcast" page.

Galicia says he was very inspired by the event in Bozeman, with more than 50 people showing up to hear his speech.

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