One of the most fulfilling and rewarding moments is walking across that stage and finally receiving a degree you have worked so hard for.

Montana State University announced that their spring commencement will happen Saturday, May 1st and will happen in person. If you are wondering how they will be able to do this well, they have a pretty great idea. There will be two spring commencements and they will be both happen at Bobcat Stadium.

The first commencement will happen at 9 AM for colleges of agriculture, arts and architecture, letters and science and Gallatin College. Then at 1:30 PM all of the other areas of specialty from business to nursing to engineering and more will have their spring commencement.

Townsquare Media Bozeman
Townsquare Media Bozeman

To follow strict COVID-19 guidelines, everyone will have to wear face masks and social distancing will be involved but at least every graduate will be able to invite four people to the ceremony. These guests will have to RSVP though by Friday, April 9th and then tickets will be electronically sent.

After a year of dealing with cancelled sports, vacations and graduations this will be a terrify, mostly return to normal. It's genius to spread out the commencements and spread people out in Bobcat Stadium. That is a great move by Montana State University.

I can tell you from experience having the people you love most there with you while you get your degree is a special moment and you will treasure that forever.

If you aren't able to make the ceremony in person though, Montana State will also be live streaming both commencements to make life easy.

For more details, check out Montana State University.

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