"Absolute nonsense." That's how Judith Curry responded to the Held v. Montana ruling from a liberal judge in Helena, Montana.

Curry is the President of the Climate Forecast Applications Network. She's also a Professor Emerita from Georgia Tech where she served as Professor and Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

Curry spoke about the absurdity of the climate kids lawsuit, especially considering the history of climate and the weather in Montana.

Judith Curry: The weather in Montana was way worse in the 1930s when their great grandparents were alive, and with no air conditioning, in many cases, no grid electricity, and on and on it goes. It was much more difficult for their great grandparents in the 1930s to deal with this extreme weather. So what they've encountered during their relatively short lifetime is just relatively moderate extreme weather events.

Especially when you consider the long term climate history of a state like Montana. As Curry wrote previously on her website:

600,000 years ago there were hugely massive volcanic eruptions from Yellowstone.  Around 20,000 years ago, Montana and the entire northern part of the continent was under a massive ice sheet that was more than a half mile thick.  Around 15,000 years ago there were massive floods that created Lake Missoula.

Curry also spoke about how the radical climate activists are taking advantage of these young children, and how they're creating a "pre-traumatic stress disorder" with the fear-based propaganda. I now refer to this "Our Childrens Trust" group as the "Our Childrens Trustafarians" because they're basically a bunch of rich white liberals who are using kids as human shields in their war on American energy.

Here's the full audio of my chat with Judith Curry:

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