When Jeff Laszloffy joined us Monday morning on the radio, he had a busy day ahead of him. His organization, the Montana Family Foundation, was testifying on six different bills. The most important one? Senate Bill 458, "a bill to define the terms male, female and sex in the Montana Code."

Why is this legislation so important from the Montana Family Foundation's standpoint?

Jeff Laszloffy: Sex is binary and immutable. That means either male or female, and it cannot change- which makes sense. No matter how many surgeries one undergoes, or how many hormone shots they take, they cannot change the makeup of their chromosomes. Gender, on the other hand, is a social construct, describing how someone identifies on a scale from male to female with an infinite number of choices along the way.

Why does this matter? We all get it from the sports standpoint. If we want to protect opportunities for women and girls in sports, you have to make it so that biological males aren't able to simply identify as females and then dominate the athletic event or take away spots on the team.

But it's not just about sports. What about official boards that are established in the State of Montana under Montana law?

Jeff Laszloffy: Many boards by law are made up of a certain number of male and female appointees. If you appoint a male and someone who identifies as a female, but is really a male, then in reality, you've just appointed two males and females are left without a seat at the table.

The quotes above came from Jeff's Monday morning legislative update on the radio. Jeff Laszloffy also joined us during our statewide radio show Monday to talk about this topic in more detail. Click below to listen:

By the way, that bill- SB 458- passed out of committee on Monday night. Now, the Montana Family Foundation is encouraging Montanans to contact their state senators to support the legislation on the floor.


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