It was blatantly obvious to everyone that he sat down with liberal Gov Steve Bullock (D-MT) in order to encourage him to run for the US Senate and help Democrats regain power. So now you mean to tell me that former President Barack Obama is NOT endorsing Bullock's run for the US Senate?

That's obviously not the case. Obama is simply too afraid to publicly endorse Bullock.

CNBC featured a story earlier this week headlined, "Barack Obama issues his first round of 2020 endorsements." CNBC notes that several Democrats in close Senate races made the list of endorsements. Noticeably absent? Liberal Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT):

Bullock, however, is one of several Democratic Senate challengers missing from the list because they’re running in traditionally red states — places where an endorsement from Obama might not necessarily help a candidate in a statewide race.

The bottom line here: Steve Bullock, after swinging far left during his doomed-from-day-one presidential campaign, is now trying to fake it to make it. He's trying to pretend to be a moderate again. And even though we all know Barack Obama sat down with Bullock to try and force him to run for the Senate, Obama is now too scared to publicly endorse Bullock because they know it will hurt his campaign.

Here's the Politico report from back in February when Obama sat down with Bullock:

Former President Barack Obama met privately with Montana Gov. Steve Bullock on Thursday in Washington, an adviser confirmed, as Democrats hold out hopes that the red-state governor makes a surprise, last-minute splash into the state’s Senate race.

That's also one of the same reports where Bullock or his aides once again claimed he would never run for the US Senate.

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