I guess I have a show again. I have watched every episode of "Yellowstone"'. And I've got the two-hour season five premiere recorded.

I didn't watch the first season. Then one snowy winter day, Paramount had a marathon of the first two seasons. So I recorded them so I could fast-forward through all of the commercials and watch several episodes at a time.

I'm not a fan of any particular actor on the show, I just think that the show is well-written. And on this show when a bad guy needs to die, that's it for him. Even if they gotta hang him from the highest tree. The Duttons will also throw rattlesnakes at them, and every so often they just shoot you. And that's the easiest way because every wrangler on the Yellowstone Ranch has a lever action rifle.

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Now on this ranch, if they like you, they will brand you. You know? Just like in real life on every Montana ranch.

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OK. So it's not exactly accurate about real Montana ranching. But I like the writing on the show. And these days with marathons of an entire season and streaming available, access to your show is a lot easier.

And because I spent some time in western Montana, I recognize an occasional place here and there where they shoot a scene. For instance, the capitol building in Helena gets used a lot. You know with Jamie being Attorney General and now, John being governor.

So sometime in the next few days, I'm going to set aside some time, pop some popcorn and waste a little more of my life on "Yellowstone".

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