Students and parents gathered outside the Bozeman Schools administration building on Wednesday to show their dissatisfaction with the Bozeman School Board.

Many parents are frustrated that their kids are not back in school full-time. In a Monday night meeting that ran nearly seven hours, the school board voted 7-1 to set some target dates when the kids could return to normal in-classroom instruction. However, before that can happen, specific metrics, yet to be determined, must be met. After that meeting, several parents voiced that they didn't believe the board was acting in the students' best interests.

One parent voiced their frustration on the XL Country Facebook page:

"They are sending out “hopeful” emails for parents to fill out but then don’t use the data collected to address what parents are feeling. Trust me, I’ve emailed.. still.. at this point I feel defeated like anything anyone is saying doesn’t matter... (and I am a very positive person))... just feeling after 2 “surveys” as if nothing we as parents are saying is even being heard... other schools around us are all doing 5 days and is going well.. are they looking at that data." - Alisha

It's feelings like this that led some parents to protest, along with students, outside the Bozeman School District's administration office. Many brought signs that they flashed to passing cars on Main Street.

Hours before that friendly protest, Andy Willett, a trustee on the Bozeman School Board, spoke with Dave & Ally on the XL Morning Show about Monday night's board meeting.

The Bozeman School Board's next scheduled meeting is set for Monday, September 28, 2020 - 5:45 P.M.

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